About Me

Hello everyone! I am Astrini. I recently graduated from my master's in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently I am residing in Singapore.

Me riding a nice ride bike

Spoonbridge and Cherry at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on a fine fall day

Downtown Saint Paul by Mississippi river on a sunny summer day

Jakarta, my hometown

Trying out food was and still is my biggest interest. But truly, I have never really stepped into the kitchen until I moved to Minnesota two years ago in 2011. Although I love food, cooking was not really "my thing" until I am forced to cook my own meals on a daily basis as eating out everyday is too expensive to afford for a grad student like me. Only then, I fell in love with food preparation. Despite my busy school and research work, I always find a time to cook - and bake.

Quoting from Ratatouille, the movie from my favorite animation studio,
Anyone can cook. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.
It was a slap on my back whom two years ago thought that engineers shouldn't cook.

After I came across Grace's blog, Grace Notes NYC, it has been my wish to have a food-critic blog. Yet I was too caught up with schoolwork that I have not been able to make one myself. I made a resolution that I will start blogging once I moved to Minnesota, but that did not come true. In the afternoon of Aug 13, 13, I read the two year anniversary post of Julie's blog, Relishing It, and finally decided that this is the time I have to start.

Since I moved back to Singapore for research work on Sep 2013, I have not had as much chances to cook. But, once I am backed in MN, I will continue my cooking and baking missions. This blog will be devoted to food I cook and bake, and food others cook and bake (I eat). I hope through this blog, I can share not only my passion in cooking but also valuable information for all.


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